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Hey, why no more replies?!? This should be the most popular topic on the forum right now!!!!

I am thinking of getting a 8-pin extension cable for the ATX 8-pin connector... does that make sense?!? I think it's a bit short and if it was a bit longer, at least, it can be easier to re-route.

I am wondering what people do with their 24-pin EATXPWR (power cables) cables, though!!!! I have mine routed in a way that it's going over video and sound cards. This cable seems a bit short, too!

Any advice on this? I would like to improve the rat's nest a bit since I'm messing around with cables and connecting fans to improve air flow and cooling anyway so...

Then I need to attach the fans... with wire or......or zip ties (I noticed on some sites or images of people using zip ties).

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