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Default need help with heatsink!

I'm adding 2 120mm fans to my Thermalright Ultra Extreme heatsink. I have no idea which way the fans should fan and how to connect them. I used to have two of those wire clips but I can't find one so now I only have ONE! UGH!!!!!!!!

I think I should have ordered those fan holders that clips on. It looked like a good design except that it makes the entire setup (fan and casing) stick out more. But, at least it looks like it is an easy process to clip on the side part to the heatsink. Then you're done!

I'm not sure what to do now. I have no idea how people get the clip at the bottom in any of those holes in the bottom of the heatsink.... you have to be kidding me! I guess this is done when you buy the heatsink and before it goes in the computer. But, what can you do when it's already installed? :-(

I have some pictures of what everything looks like. Should I post it? I am not sure how or what hosting site to use.

Maybe someone can post their setup pics?

It might be helpful. I have the following hardware:

Antec 300, Asus P5Q mobo, Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 heatsink, TWO Coolermaster Blademaster 120mm fans

I thought it should be easy but I think aftermarket coolers/heatsinks are a pain!!!!

I tried using Google Images for some ideas but it didn't help much.

I have some spare wire I was going to use to attach the other fan but not sure exactly how I should do it. Since I only have one clip, one side of the other fan needs to be attached too. :-/

Anyone either A) bored; B) want to show off their expertise and inventiveness and/or C) feeling particularly sympathetic
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