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Default pfSense, FreeNAS and SABnzbd+ in one box

So my goal is to build a new pc running Linux Mint as the primary OS running SABnzbd+, pfSense and FreeNAS with VirtualBox.

2 DSL connections are coming in, so from what I've been reading, pfSense alone will need 3 NICs, and the fourth will be shared with SAB and FreeNAS.

What do you guys recommend? Should pfSense be it's own box or will a decent mid-range computer be enough to handle all of this? Should FreeNAS have it's own NIC as SAB will most likely saturate that connection (maybe not the actual line, but the DSL connection for sure).

I want SAB to download my TV shows and movies, store them on the FreeNAS and access it in my living room with XBMC.

Suggestions? How beefy does the PC need to be. Looking for mobo with as many SATA connections as possible.

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