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Originally Posted by Keywork View Post
If I may quote the infamous Ricky from TPB...... "I don't wanna say I toadaso....but I F****N toadaso" haha. Shitty luck though! I hope you get it sorted out. Dell has a pretty solid warranty on most of its monitors so i'm assuming they'll take care of you.

BTW, get some 2209WA's!!!
Problem is, that now it's ok, so I have nothing to show them, and they won't "take my word for it".
Even if it does happen again, by the time it gets to Dell the thing will just sort itself out again and then they'll come with something like this: "After a thorough examine of your monitor it appears to have no problems".
which actually means: "After we wasted your time, left you with no monitor for a few days, and check the monitor for a WHOLE 1 day, it seems fine".

Damn it that sucks.
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