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My System Specs

Default Overclock "diary" for my Intel DP67DE

EDIT: Was thread-jacked by a new post, but is relevant to the topic of OCing this motherboard:

Hi all,

Update: I achieved a just barely stable 4.0GHz from my Intel DP67DE (one voltage tick down and Prime95 fails)

The latest BIOS for this board allows some actual overclocking attempts without the BIOS going nutty and putting dumb RAM settings in for you which refuse to post. The OCing bottleneck for this board is the "naked" MOSFETs that provide voltage for the CPU. If they get too hot, BAM you're down to the non-turbo multiplier of x33.
The highest OC I managed with a Megahalems was around a x38 multiplier, and even that would downclock if you run extreme heat stress tests like IBT / Linpack. A downdraft cooler helps a lot, but it seems this board still maxes out at clock speeds that other motherboards could give you with their "auto overclock" setting.
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