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Short story of what happened to me: YouTube - Dell u2311h - locked, laggy and not responding menu Bug

Long story is that the screen was locked and didn't respond, while I tried to unlock it several times, it just got locked back again, and menu took about 60 seconds from the moment I clicked the button in the screen to the moment is shows and then when I chose "Menu" it just disappeared never to be heard from again. Any attempt to change resolution (both windows and games) resulted in a black screen that I needed to wait until the automatic reset to the previous resolution to see a picture. Turning the screen on took more than a minute until a picture was present and power button was responsive once every couple of minutes, even though I tried to turn it off or on many times between those couple of minutes to no avail. Computer restart did not help nor did reconnecting every possible cable on both ends.

After a couple of hours, the thing just went away, but i'm thinking that if that is what I see after just a single day, why shouldn't I encounter it again? I can't take the monitor to Dell because, now, there is nothing to show.

Resolution abilities are terrible, the only resolutions that the monitor can display properly are 1920 x 1080 and 1024 x 768 (for the latter - as good as a 16:9 can preset a 4:3 resolution). 1600 x 900 present a very blurry picture while the 1280 x 1024 preset a squashed, unusable experience.

My conclusion is: While i'm stuck with this crap, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!
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