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Yes I know how important random 4k r/w speeds are and since Indilinx we've got good enough speed on that. SF dramatically increased all the speeds over indilinx. C300 totally loses against SF with random, small writes but it still beats Indilinx (I think) but it's got better reads.

My theory is that with good enough random 4k r/w you're not going to notice any operations being slower/faster going from indilinx to anything else. But it would be nice if windows and apps loaded a couple seconds faster.

But, all that said, I'm thinking I'll just get the Vertex 2 120GB, if Raid 0 isn't going to give me much of a gain. I'll RMA the V2 to get a 16 chip solution. There are just too many benchmarks where the V2 beats the C300.

I could be wrong and maybe it doesn't matter that the C300 loses those tests, but I'm too tired and have spent far too much time trying to make this decision.

I'm rather annoyed at how hard this has been. It was such an easy decision to get the Agility back when I did.
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