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Tinting is not backlight bleeding and is actually less noticeable when the room is dark than when the lights are on (still noticeable though). Also you should know that this issue happens only at high black levels.

If you watch movies than you'll probably need the FHD and the size that the U2311H offers.
And if you don't care about aspect ratio, refresh rate or viewing angles, then I can't see a problem.

Contrast ratio wise, for this price range this screen has the best contrast ratio there is.

It is my understanding from your post that you need the 1080p (and you prefer bigger) so I think that the 2209WA 22" (not 1080p - not Full HD) is out of the question. and for this price range (considering you do want an IPS panel for better quality) that's as good as it gets. While it is not perfect, it is very good.
And also remember what I said - "no monitor is perfect", especially considering the fact that i'm very pedantic.

Also there isn't any noticeable trailing in movies or games (from my 1 day experience so don't take that as an absolute saying), but only in windows environment.

Bottom line is that what you have said about personal preference is very true, because when we are talking about "entry level" (on a budget) IPS panels, Dell is as good as it gets, and it's hard to go wrong regardless of what you choose.

I just want to make something clear, while those 2 problems are bugging me, they are considered minor and I believe I would have found minor flaws in any monitor, and are the only 2 issues I have with this screen.

Overall I am pleased with the monitor, and I think that it will suit perfectly for your specific needs.
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