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My System Specs

Talking FINISHED !!!! Haf-x & Crosshair 4 Extreme

Howdy! New member here.... Thought I'd post what I did this weekend.

I just completed my new build.

Asus Crosshair 4 Extreme
x4 965 BE
H70 Corsair Water cooler
16 GB Corsair Vengence 1600mhz ram
TX850W Corsair PSU
Pioneer DVR 219L -DVD writer combo
60 GB Mushkin Callisto SSD ( OS/few programs ONLY!)
2TB WD20EARS Sata 2 drive. ( games/ storage)
Sapphire HD6850 Toxic OC 1GB
Win 7 home OEM ( 112$w/ hardware purchase)

I had to compromise w/ the GFX card as I was running outta $$$$

Total Cost $1700-$1900 ( would have to go through all the receipts. but its between those 2 w/ tax )

This case is a DREAM to build in, the only complaints I have about the case is the Mounting screws for MOBO/ screws ( some had burrs in them/on them and I ended up having to take out mobo 3 times cause of Cross threading and problems w/ the threads. ( OTHER THAN THAT 100% awesome)

Just wanted to get some opinions

I am very happy with this pc.

Alright got pics ( trying to post them and its not letting me ) probably too big... back soon
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