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Originally Posted by aristhrottle View Post
I was thinking of a very similar set up. Do you remember what kind of temperatures you were getting with that?
Dude, temperature all depends on your configuration. I was getting maybe 69-70C under stress on an i7 920 @ 3.8ghz (1.34v) and room temps of about 25C me thinks!

When i say it wasn't optimized is cause running a single fan at 50% or dual fans at 100% gave about a 1C difference at most so the dual fan setup for this cooler is overkill (had it running for silence most of the time anyways). With some coolers like the H212+ u can rly see a difference by adding more/faster fans but ive noticed with higher end coolers, as long as u got somewhat of an airflow they can perform good (ofc i dont consider loud trash like the frio or the h70 as higher end)!

Keep in mind temps will vary depending on ambient/setup...I mean if you are running an AMD chip (like i currently am) temps will be much lower!

P.S. think I used the paste that came with it, maybe if I had used AS5 like I currently do, it would have had a greater impact than using more fans...if anything if you are going dual fans get something quiet (you wont have to worry about static pressure as with dual fans u effectively double pressure) rather than trying to get more cooling done on this heatsink!
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