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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Believe it or not, I use a 4 (or more) year old Canon S2IS for all my shots. A great camera isn't necessary; it's all about the lighting. I can take shots similar to those with a reasonably good pocket camera.

Honestly guys, if you think you have the chops for this or any position, don't let photography skills get in the way. There are ALWAYS ways around that.
I have an S3 IS and I absolutely love this camera. The Macro mode is great. I've even been able to get good pictures of tiny monitor pixels from this mode.

Which, if you ever need (a monitor or TV reviewer) I'd love the job, hint hint, nudge, nudge. There are a couple of examples out there of stuff I've done in the past.

Though I've read your TV reviews in the past and they've been quite good too.

Originally Posted by Rison View Post
This would be fun as [expletive], as i'm a pretty critical guy. Writing isn't natural to me, however I get by. The only reason I haven't submitted something is the time constraints. With a new baby and all, I couldn't commit to the time needed to do this.
Good luck to those who wish to endeavor in these positions.. and hope they know what they're getting into. :)
Good luck Rison! We'll be talking on a peer basis in October

Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Congrats for the new one in the familly Rison....!!!

I'd love to be a ''tester'' and my english isn't great.....
Your English is fine, but I'm sure your french is top notch.... FTW

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"
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