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Thanks everyone for their comments here and in the previous post. You were very helpful and got me in the right direction. and I wanted to get the 2209WA but they could only supply it to me at the end of the week, and I didn't know if my old monitor will last until then so I ended up buying the U2311H.

Overall it's a very good monitor for it's price.
There are minor issues such as the the 16:9 aspect that i'll have to get used to (which is pretty terrible when it comes to the surfing the net) and the 23" which has me moving my neck a bit, but i'll hope i'll get used to it too.

BUT, there are a few major issues with the thing that is pissing me off:
- At higher black levels there is significant tinting issue in the bottom right corner, regardless of viewing angle (unless I sit in front of the bottom right corner). It presents a noticeable grey area (and also slightly red) at that portion of the screen
- It has big trailing issues (hopefully I won't get it in games, haven't tried out yet).

But as far as i've read around that's as good as it gets and no monitor is perfect.

So, overall, it's a great choice for the casual user with a budget.
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