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My System Specs


everything that has been posted thus far well I am not sure why they would make a New OS just to a couple of features that can easily be taken care of just by free downloads.
but I do think that they should have an option whether to install or not install things kind of like the idea of office when you start the install you can pick the feature you would like installed instead of installing the whole thing. also I am still trying to figure out why there is a 100mb partition on the hard drive before the OS is installed I think that they either should not use a 100mb partition at all or at least shrink it because 100 mb I can really use on my SSD drive just to put my portable software on . and as for sysrestore I hate that thing I used it once and that was along time ago when my pc started acting up I was sure what was wrong so I restored and my pc worked for a while which was when I discovered I had a virus and the virus infected everything even the restore points which is why now I use a totally different once a week back up system that backs up after I do all of my online scans and to make sure my system is clean they should have a back up feature that can back up to a separate drive or pen drive.
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