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Two questions come to mind:
What's your use for this rig aside from gaming?
What resolution will your display be?

As for your questions below, you are very far from having a bottleneck, even possibly overkill for your choice of CPU, and you can do much better than the MSI GD65 when it comes to overclocking due to its lower quality heat sinks compared to Asus and Asrock for example.

As for PSU, I'm not aware of the Chouriki, but the Corsair HX series is probably in the top range. If you want cheaper you will sacrifice something. If you go for Corsair TX V2 for example, you will get almost the same efficiency but you will lose on quietness due to its cheaper fans.

As for the case you can definitely go for a mid tower and save money and space. Looks are important to you it seems but what about size, noise and cooling?
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