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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Charloz24 View Post
For the price difference between the 2 processors, I don't think you have to compare apples to apples, they are not in the same price range anyway. The better you can do in windows is with VMWare, 2600k can, 980x cannot (well yes it can but I will not be 100% cpu usage). I don't think there is any type of hype here about ppd numbers for 2600k...
Yeah, I agree that the 2600k is a "better bang for the buck" CPU choice in terms of pricing. It's also not like I went out and bought the 980x.. i've had two since last November. There isn't a lot of hype here on HWC, but there was a lot of bashing of the 980/990x when the 2600k came out, in form of reviews (once again, mostly other sites).

A lot of reviews had the 2600k at par, or beating the 980x at stock clocks and max overclocks. This isn't something I tested mind you, I tested "my real world 24/7 usage", which is more important than synthetic benchmarks on the bleeding edge of overclocking.

I'm actually thinking of buying another watercooling kit.. cooling them both, and clocking the bleeding snot out of them for something 'fun' to do..
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