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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
1)Photoshop is not heavily dependent on multithreading and i3 2100 will reach performance levels near of AMD x6

2)Asrock Sandy Bridge motherboards' pro and user reviews are all around the web. They offer the best value and are in the top range in build quality. You won't find better for their price.

3) DO NOT PURCHASE 1600 RAM FOR H67 motherboards! The highest you can go is 1333. It's written clearly in every H67 motherboard spec sheet.
I don't know what you do in photoshop, but quad core > dual core hands down. If you're doing multimedia encoding / editing / producing, you'll use more than just photoshop.
You can use 1600Mhz ram on an H67 motherboard, it'll clock to 1333 fine. 1600 is more popular, sometimes cheaper and better if you ever resell the parts (which is always a consideration when I buy stuff at least) or want to upgrade to a P67 motherboard + 2500/2600(k) in the future.
Hey, if you like Asrock motherboards, all the power to ya. I'm just going off my history with them.

I'm aware the fans are $9.95, you said two of them, thus the $20 comment.

rapmaster has probably the best single slot video card.. I could only find a few GTX450s single slot. Nothing in the 5800 series is single slot, that I could find. There was a manufacturer making GTX460s, but they never came to the american market with them.

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