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My System Specs


Just my luck. For whatever reason the memory card for my camera is dead, So.... i lost a lot of my my progress pics for building the WC loop. Granted, this is only part of the build, so its not that big of a deal.

So here she stands, ready for a little bit of work

Removed the cables from the PSU, just to make things a little bit easier. In hindsight i should have removed the PSU itself.... reasons for which i'll get to later lol

So I started draining!

After it was all said and done... i took a look at the tubing.

Thats just gross..... The tube that came with the Rasa 750 kit was cloudy to begin with, but it stained really easily and wasnt all that great. After a while it was rock hard, and stained quite heavily.
I mean, just look at the difference between the two.

So I decided to place the rads in classic style. The 120.3 in front, and the 240 in the back.
Both are mounted using foam ;) A little tip/idea i got from a member here.

Yea... that 240 is gross.... i might want to clean it a little bit :S

So here are my notes from the build, where i don't have pics.
One thing that really pissed me off is that the XSPC 5*0 block leaked. I had to void my warranty on the block just to check the O-ring which wasn't on properly. After taking it apart and re-seating the block everything's working fine :)

Overall the block looks alright for the price i paid for it. I might switch it out if I can source a HeatKiller 580 block. Those things are simply beautiful.

I have a pic here, its edited... but this is how the rig stands as of right now.

I'm going to be developing a little bit of a HDD mounting solution. Thinking of a different way to mount SSD's and the one HDD. as well, there is plans to have a Drivebay shroud and what i hope will end up being a custom mid plate and faceplate, depending on what Charles will have available (hopefully soon)

I've mounted my Intel X-25M 120gb, I like it, but its nothing close to being final. Plus I plan on finding a better way to route the power and sata cables. I'm thinking of making my own.

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