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Default U2311H or 2209WA for gaming

After almost an entire month of endless searching (getting google page to 50+) and asking around, while changing my mind a hundred times over which monitor to choose, I have reached the conclusion that getting an IPS panel will be best for me.

Take into consideration a few facts:
1. as far as my budget go and the monitors we have here that's as good as it gets.
2. Prices are almost identical.
3. I am going to use this monitor for at least the next 5 years.

To the best of my understanding (I could be wrong because as far as it comes to monitors i'm only a layman that can read English) comparing the two is something like this:

- Higher resolution (don't know how much that is relevant because I don't watch movies and games today don't go up to 1080p)
- Better contrast
- An extra inch (I don't know how much that is important because even though there is a general saying that bigger is usually better, if trying to decide between 2 good monitors, I only sit about 22" from my monitor and don't know how much benefit i'll get out of it)
- Excellent stand (less relevant as there is only one position that I sit in in-front of the monitor).

- 16:10 (I understand that many users find it significantly better than 16:9)
- Can get up to 75Hz refresh rate (with the right drivers, which is important to reduce tearing and also very important for games generally)
- Picture and color quality ever higher than the-already-high standard that the U2311H presents
- Wider viewing angles (also less relevant as, again, I only sit in one position in front of the monitor)
- No full-HD support (don't know how much that is relevant as I don't watch movies and games don't get to 1080p)
- Even less input lag than the already-low input lag the U2311H has (don't know if it is noticeable though)
- Credible with high game performance overall

I'm sure that there are mistakes up there, but as I said, when it comes to monitors, I am a layman that reads what people write, and just trying to find which will give me the best gaming experience.

I would also like to know which of the two presents a better overall experience with it's "out of the box" setting, as I don't know if I can calibrate it properly (or at all for that matter).

I would be happy to hear your opinions on the issue, thank you in advance.
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