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Default RAID 0 SSDs or get a larger capacity SSD?

I have the OCZ Vertex 2 50GB SSD as my OS boot drive right now with WD black and green as subsequent storage drives. The 50GB is almost full and I'm trying to weigh the cons and pros of the options of expanding the OS drive space.

First option I have is to RAID 0 the 50GB SSD with another exact same SSD which will give me about 90GB useable space for a price of about 90 dollars (vertex 2 50 GB on sale at 90 at NCIX).

Second option is to purchase a larger capacity SSD around 60-120GB (next gen or not) and replace it and use the 50GB as special storage for performance requiring applications like games. I could choose to sell it as well I guess. However, the price would be the issue here.

The Kingston SSD Now V100 64GB is on sale at NCIX for 85 bucks, and Corsair Force 60GB for 95 bucks. The cheapest 120GB on sale is the OCZ vertex 2 at 190 bucks. Now I don't think it is that efficient to buy another sub 70GB SSD as it doesn't provide that much improvement so if I go with option 2, I would be looking at at least 100GB. For this reason, option 1 looks really feasible right now.

Of course, I would have to consider the fact that RAID 0 will increase the rate of the drive failure and risk of losing my data. I will be backing up my drive though. However, I've also read that RAID 0 will also compromise the longevity of the SSDs including the loss of TRIM support. Can anyone well informed shed some light on this matter?

If I were to spend about 100-200 dollars for this upgrade, what would be my best option? This is given that I want to spend the least amount of money possible.
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