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My System Specs


I've seen a couple of my GX2's in the Quad-GX2 box fold at 100c for weeks straight, not ideal but in 2yrs I only had 1/2 of a gx2 die on me (in that rig) Also had a laptop i7-975 fold at 85c for months until I improved the cooling.

If you're going to keep it up and folding 24/7 some other things to think about are case positioning, is it on the floor or on a desk, is there plenty of room in front/behind for the air to enter/exit. Also if its in a smaller enclosed room, try and keep the door open, 24/7 folding can easily increase the amient rooms temps 10c, wich in turn is warmer air trying to cool your components. Dust is also a consideration, cleaner parts cool better. Not sure where you're at but as summer aproaches your temps will increase as ambient room temps go up, unless you have A/C and if you do expect it to work harder.

Have an A-1 day!
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