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I received my DG last night...I didn't really bother to look at it, because I was busy installing my 2 shiny MSI 560ti TFIIs....anyway, I set them up and all...played...benched...

To make a long story short, because the bottom GfX card is really close to the PCI slot...I cannot really install the Xonar DG card...that would block one of the TFII fans.... my other accessible PCI slot is right under the top card...same scenario...too close to the fan and would block off one of the fan...

I was originally planning to buy other cards with vapor chamber-type of cooling (one fan only further away...)
so bad luck here, or p1ss poor planning, lol...I can't use it...I'll return it...$14 after MIR...not a big loss...I might use it later...
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