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Default ATH-AD700 Boom Mic Mod

I picked up a refurbished set of ATH-AD700s for a reasonable price and have to say I love them. Also, being a gamer of course I require a mic for smack talk and Vent communications.

After looking into the mic the cheapest and most popular option out there was the Zalman ZM MIC1. Its not bad but the sensitivity is horrible and I always feel like I need to look down for people to hear me.

Next, I looked into trying to find an attachment mic... some people where able to use a hacked (literally) Labtec headphone mic attached with velcro.

The other option I came across, which is not only more practical but more appealing is actually modding the left ear cup to house the a female socket and wiring. Having some decent soldering skills and the tools I decided to take this route.

To begin I needed to order the following:
2x AC116 Chassis Mount 3.5mm Mini Jack Connector (1 extra just in case.) $10 shipped
1x Mini 3.5mm Flexible Microphone $10 shipped
1x MU15MMS 15feet Slim 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable Male/ Male $10 shipped.
1x 25ft 3/8 BRAIDED EXPANDABLE SLEEVING carbon TECHFLEX $10 shipped

Total: $40 (not include tools and solder)

I have also been thinking about adding a mute switch either to the left cup or inline somehow. I havent been able to find any inline solutions that I like.

For an switch in the cup I would prefer to use a rocker switch but the smallest I can find requires a 1/2" mounting hole which I feel may be too large and next best option would be a push on/off switch which needs a 1/4" mounting hole but will not be as easy to know if the mic is active or not.

I will post pics as I start for anyone who is interested.

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