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My System Specs

Default New case! -HAFX + a whole ton of red

Hey guys, just upgraded from my 912 to a HafX!

Also got :

Coolit Eco 240MM w/ 4x SS Air Pen
3x CM 200MM Megaflow
1x Xel 140MM RED LED Fan

My current specs as of now:

i7 970 @ 4.55ghz
12GB OCZ-Obsidian DDR3-1600 @ 1699
Sabertooth X58
2x 6950 flashed to 6970's @ 900/1450
Soundblaster Titanium HD XFI
Intel Gigabit LAN adaptor
Corsair F90
WD 2TB Green x2
WD 1TB Black
Seagate 1TB
Corsair TX850 (need..AX1200 :()

I got rid of a lot of my harddrives, seeing as how I really dont use a lot of space anymore.

ANYWAYS good stuff ----V

How it looked before xfering everything over.

The C240 with 4 SS Air Pens! I chose these fans because they have superior directional flow, instead of HOLYJESUSWHEREISTHISAIRGOING, IDONTKNOW, ANYWHEREBUTTHERADIATOR!

2 big ass fans mounted, with the radiator on the bottom (yes you can run both if you wish)

Test fitting everything...had to move the videocard back to the 2nd PCI-E, my Xfire bridge wasnt long enough :(

In the Pic : Asus 23" (i think its VE23R?...), Samsung 2343, Corsair HS1 Headset, Corsair SP2500, Steelseries 6Gv2, Steelseries Xai, Steelseries 4H, xbox360 hooked up to the acer monitor :)

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