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Default Severe video signal artifacting


I built a new pc around a month ago and I just recently cam across an issue.

I am getting severe display issues. The screen turns grey, and flickers. I can still click around but everything that I click shows up for a brief second and ends up getting screwy again. And I have to restart the pc.

It has been getting more frequent since it first happened a couple of days ago.

I mainly use the PC for rendering and modeling in Maya, 3d studio max, Zbrush, etc and watching movies, and very little video gaming.

I assume its a graphics card issue? Do I have to RMA it? I looked for updated drivers but I have the latest drivers. Should I downclock my video card to stock since it is the superclocked version?

It is a stock system btw, with the following parts.

i7 970
sabertooh x58
12gigs of corsair dominator ram
120gig 510 series SSD
2tb WD black storage disk
EVGA 560ti superclock

h70 cooler
hx850 psu

700d case

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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