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Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
Thanks for all the replies guys!

So what receiver and 5.1 speaker set (Compatible with the HDTV) you guys think i should get? Any recommendations? Not too expensive too! Oh and try to stay on the BestBuy site
Like I mentioned in my first post, your receiver will play most surround sound formats up to DTS-ES and Dolby Digital EX. It is true that the receiver does not upconvert any video signals, but you can always still use it for just processing audio sources and go straight to the TV with your video sources. As for buying a better one, unless you have about 500-600 or more to spend on Just the receiver I'd keep what you've got.

Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
As for the Bluray DVD player, the PS3 is that good ? Does it have all the feature a normal Bluray Player would have? I like the idea of having a PS3 home :) Playing games on the PS3 on HDMI is possible with that console right?

Oh and a question regarding the PS3, will it read normal DVDs ? And will it be able to read Burned DVDs ? Like, i do a lot of back-ups of my original DVDs...?
The PS3 does have all the same features as a regular Bluray player, although you have to use the PS3 controller to control the Blurays/DVDs unless you buy the extra remote for it. It can output your video at 1080P via HDMI and your audio (up to DTS-ES or DD-EX like I mentioned in my first post) via Fiber Optic to your receiver without a problem. And finally, yes the PS3 plays DVDs, burnt Dvds, Divx Dvds and upconverts them ALL for your HDTV (trust me, they'll look awsome).

Lemme know if you have more questions!
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