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Thanks for all the replies guys!

I'm definitively on a budget TV since all that moving will already cost me a lot. But whatever, maybe i should just put all to get it done the right way so i end up with something kickass rather than something cheap. Me and the GF, we are Movies lovers. So, something that will do it right is really what we are looking after.

I was thinking of buying the TV from BestBuy since i know someone who works there which can have some great rebates

I found the Sharp 32 AQUOS Flat-Panel LCD HDTV on BestBuy but it comes with a home Theater which i don't want... Best Buy Canada Web Store: Home Electronics: Televisions: Sharp 32 AQUOS Flat-Panel LCD HDTV and Bose Digital Home Theatre Speaker System

I'm sure i can get the TV without the rest.

So what receiver and 5.1 speaker set (Compatible with the HDTV) you guys think i should get? Any recommendations? Not too expensive too! Oh and try to stay on the BestBuy site

As for the Blueray DVD player, the PS3 is that good ? Does it have all the feature a normal Blueray Player would have? I like the idea of having a PS3 home :) Playing games on the PS3 on HDMI is possible with that console right?

Oh and a question regarding the PS3, will it read normal DVDs ? And will it be able to read Burned DVDs ? Like, i do a lot of back-ups of my original DVDs...?

Thanks a ton guys!
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