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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
say you were to buy old stock, one of each, a mechanical hard drive and an make it easier, say we're in the year 2020,or 2030,whatever,some time in the near future.

now, when you plug your drive in,say it was made 5 years ago but you just opened it up,wouldyou notice
any difference(performance etc) vs you plugging it in 5 years prior,i.e. right after it was manufactured..?
if 5 is not enough, how about 10 years? not enough? how about 20?

i figure ssd's shouldn't degrade much that fast, but the mechanical drives probably would...what say you? yes,you!
How could something "mechanical" degrade if it was never used?

Only reason anything degrades generally is if becomes used
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