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I got it up and running now! thanks for your help.

And I did look at warranty options for the 400n, but me being the idiot I am told them that I was running DD-WRT, not even thinking that it could void my warranty.. then they flagged my serial number as Out of warranty.... and then told me I am not longer eligible for chat and closed the chat window hah. Dumb move on my part, shoulda just flashed it back to the linksys software.

Here is the chat:

[2011-04-07 19:01:24] Haresh (70671): Ryan I am sorry , that is true we do not support 3rd party firmware and we also wont be able to replace that Router as you uploaded 3rd party firmware on that Router due to which warranty on that Router is voided
[2011-04-07 19:02:44] Haresh (70671): I am afraid to inform you that your device is listed as being out of warranty and is no longer eligible for chat support.

I should just call them and say "Oh I didnt actually install DDWRT, I just downloaded it, and me being a dumb customer didnt know any better and thought he just went on my modem"
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