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My System Specs


um, not to be overly critical of the review - it was good.. but I would have liked to have seen an air based overclock with the UD7, which would be most peoples setups. The addition of watercooling / extreme cooling is nice, but a very limited audience.

This is the actual critical part. I don't like reading reviews with a lot of mistakes.. I understand the need to push out the articles for advertising dollars (and soforth) but a little more editing will help. Here's a few I found:
1. Features area: SAIT = SATA
2. Packaging and Accessories: Pleasant, not Pleaseant.
3. Included Software: in the Smart 6 area.. you have "speeds speeds" (only one needed)
4. Closer Look: Noise is capitalized
5. Wishlist: ld, should be In.
Plus the SLI/Crossfire thing which was already mentioned.

I basically jetted through the cmos section and a few other sections, but as i'm reading it's a personal pet peeve to see a lot of spelling / grammar errors. It actually takes me away from what i'm reading, and I probably miss content because i'm thinking about it. Some of the wording was redundant, like having a hook in the same sentence as the information.

As for the content, it was pretty in depth which is nice. Overall a good review

I personally would have purchased the UD7 if it was available and in stock when I went to buy my sandy rig setup.. however I opted for the UD5. I don't need tri-SLI so it's not a huge loss.

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