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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
Then I wouldn't list L4D 1&2 as full support. I can say that if L4D was my only surround experience, I would chuck it in the garbage and call it a day. L4D has such crappy surround/eyefinity support imo (I've read that it looks the exact same on eyefinity as surround).
I'm finding a large number of games that "stretch" the image on the side screens. To me it gives things a peripheral sort of look and it hasn't bothered me a great deal - my main focus tends to be on the centre screen, where most things happen anyway. You may be able to lessen the obviousness of this by altering seating/screen position?

Some more testing:
GTR Evolution - works perfectly, however the off-line version (non-steam) has some issues with objects and textures dissapearing. The on-line version (both are included on the CD) auto-updates to the latest patch, and looks stunning on 3 screens. Reminds me why I went to eyefinity.
Downloaded a few mods etc, they all work.

Race 07 is as per above. (this installs when you install the on-line version of GTR Evolution.)

I still have a couple of shelves worth of games to test, but working on a large LAN party which is taking massive amounts of time away.
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