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Default Problems installing Vista (missing windows\system32\hal.dll)

This is long, so here's the cliffs...

- had pc running XP
- tried to install fresh copy of Vista on new drives
- constant BSoD's trying to boot new Vista GUI
- prompt telling me I'm missing hal.dll
- XP runs fine on new drives, so drives are not the problem
- can't find any help for fresh install on fresh drive, and can't figure out the problem
- ???
- profit

I recently put together a new system, and had everything running smoothly under a, well...less than authentic copy of XP Pro 32. This was fine, except I couldn't update anything, as XP was pre-Service Pack 1. I couldn't install my anti-virus software or update anything.

Specs on the stable machine were as follows:

Striker II Formula
4GB OCz ReaperX
Seagate 500Gb 7200rpm drive

Fast forward to yesterday, and the beginning of my frustration. I purchased a Zalman 9500 cooler for the cpu, a Dualorb cooler for the GTX, and three new drives; one Raptor 74gb, and two Raptor 150Gb drives, as well as Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.

I installed both the coolers with no issues, and mounted the hard drives. The Striker BIOS recognized everything, and I set up the two 150's in a RAID 0 array. I proceeded to attempt to install Vista.

After finally getting the install program to recognize my 74gb Raptor (I want to use this drive solely for the OS), I got through the first stage of the install, and the PC restarted itself. The Windows logo with the scrolling bar appeared on the screen for a few seconds, then BSOD.

I restarted, and the same soon as Windows tries to start for the first time, BSOD.

I attempted to install on a different drive (the Seagate), went through the process, and again, at the same point, BSOD. I restarted, attempted to reinstall elsewhere, and before it went to the GUI from the "Press any key to boot from DVD" promps, BSOD.

Finally, it gave me a bit of a hint. As it attempted to boot from the harddisk, it came up that "windows\system32\hal.dll" was missing, and needed to be repaired before it would boot. In looking online, this was a common problem with XP, and most help said attempt to repair from the boot CD. I did this (when I finally got through to the install GUI), but was prompted that the CD did not contain the necessary fixes.

As it stands, I cannot boot my PC to hangs as soon as it tries to load the graphical interface, and goes to BSOD. This seems to be a common problem, but I can't find any specific help for Vista, or for a fresh install.

I have since loaded XP on the same 74 Gb drive, and everything runs properly. It is obviously not the drive at fault.

I'm at a loss. Every online guide I've read has help for upgrades to XP, nothing for installing fresh on new drives. As I bought an OEM dvd, there is no upgrade from Vista option.


Thanks in advance.
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