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My System Specs


Civ 5 will slow down most systems in the late stage of the game unfortunately so even if you uprade, you would be expecting some lag. It's just the how the game was developed that's causing the lag trouble. But sure, upgrading will show some signs of resolution.

I would definitely look at the NCIX offer dangtx linked as it is a good combo deal for sandy bridge mobo and processor. The 2500k will more than adequate for your gaming needs and for overclocking.

I would also suggest taking a look at some SSD drives. Grab a 60-120GB SSD to install OS and frequently used applications on it and use the 2TB you have as backup/storage.

4 gig RAM is enough if you are just going to game but if you want to upgrade, G.Skills RAMs are pretty good (have them in my system).

If you are looking to do a major GPU upgrade, PSU upgrade would be a must.
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