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#1) That reciever will work just fine for a good home theater setup, but make sure whatever sources you use (Bluray, Consoles, etc) have the highest audio output set at DTS-ES or Dolby Digital EX since those are the highest surround formats your reciever supports. (Your reciever doesn't support the newest HD audio formats such as DTS Master audio, Dolby digital plus or Uncompressed)

#2) If you have a costco (or club price) they are the only ones that seem to carry the Viewsonic HDTV series. Including at 32'' at around $600 and a 37'' at around $850. Link:|79&N=4008766+42949 65637&Nr=P_CatalogName:BCCA&Ns=P_Price|0||P_SignDe sc1〈=en-CA&topnav=
Its not listed there, but I've also seen a 42'' LCD HDTV at Costco for around $1100, but all of the above are far far cheaper than othe brand names and it's still very good quality stuff.

#3) For a Bluray player, you can't beat a PS3. Its about $100-300 cheaper than most other Bluray players, is an amazing Upconverting dvd player (on of the best I've ever seen, and I've owned 4) and is a modern generation console to boot. And I'm not even listing its slew of other handy features.

If you have any other questions go ahead, I've done many home theater setups including my own overly excessive one (which I should probably get around to posting in the home theater areas, lol).
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