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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jcmaz View Post
Is that bias changeable? What types of issues are there with their drivers?

EDIT: But I can sell for more than I bought I for...

I mean, I don't have to upgrade, but extra $$$ would be nice :)
There isn't much you can do about the bias, but it's not a big deal unless you're the type that demands bit perfect reproduction, it will probably drive you insane in that case. However, that's IF you can even hear the difference.

For me personally, it makes most of my music sound a lot "prettier" at the cost of a few minor details with negligible impact on movies/games. Details that really get toned down are typically things like the individual string strumming you hear in a lossless guitar recording - not something you're listening for if you're just trying to enjoy your music. The actual chord gets a lot more attention.

As for driver issues, just check out the Asus audio forums, lots of problems but there's always a relatively easy fix that's already been documented. Only things I would watch out for are EMI and electrical noise, the DG is PCI slot powered and has no EMI shielding. So don't run it in between 2 video cards or something like that. You could always do something like wrap insulated tinfoil around the card though.
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