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Default Help me chose a *Flat TV*!

Hey ppls!

Been a while since i been here. Not much time anymore. On July 1st i will be moving in my new apartment with my GF. First time for both of us. We are all ready and have some extra cash which i want to use to buy us a new HDTV, maybe a Blueray DVD player and a set of nice 5.1 speakers. I already have a Pioneer VSX-815 receiver (Which i never used...).

So i have some questions.

Can i use this receiver combined with an HDTV set-up? Or do i absolutely need an "HD ready" receiver for the 5.1 surround sound set-up ?

Also, can you recommend me an HDTV around 30" ? My mom has a Samsung 32" LCD and i think it totally sucks. They have the Illico HD machine and when you listen to some channels that aren't HD, the image is ulgy. Really ugly. It has kinda like some snow* in the image. You know that white snow you see on some channels? Or when the TV is on with no cable plugged in. Well, it has such snow (Well, way much less compact) but it's not white. It just in the image. Hard to explain actually. But i asked, and all cables are plugged well. Same thing for DVDs that aren't HD. It HAS to be HD for the image to be good looking. And when it's on HD, it really shines. Is that normal?

Also, what do you think of a Blueray DVD player?

I have a small question regarding such Blueray DVD player. Can i listen to normal DVDs in that player or does it have to only be Blueray DVDs?

Thanks a lot ppls! I know this community is really helpful and is filled with lots of ppls ready to help their next one
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