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Default mouse won't work everywhere

Yesterday, when I turned on my computer, I noticed that the mouse's right left button did not work (did not do extensive testing to see if the problem was the same as what it is now). I restarted twice and afterwards, it was fine.

Today, I still have problems, right and left click won't work on the bottom bar neither will it on the desktop or the windows menu. I can't switch tabs in MSN (or do anything in MSN which implies mouse), but I can do it on FF where I have access to everything. I have the same problems as those experienced with MSN in Word (and I assume all of office) and IE.

What can be the cause of this. I am using 2 relatively new mouse. 1 is an X3 that I got in August and the other is a CM Spawn which I won less than a month ago.

Add to that that now it does not work in SC2, which was fine yesterday.

Edit: I got annoyed by it, did a restart which made everything worst (now FF wasn't working anymore) and somehow by using my mouse's side button everything came back to normal (but for how long ?), would still like help from someone, at least to know what's up.

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