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My System Specs


That runs fine, no BSOD's whatsoever.

I just tried the X-Fi in a different system with Windows Vista and it's giving the exact same BSOD.
I reckon there's some sort of compatibility issue going on with that Creative card.

I think i'm just going to stick with the onboard Realtek card instead, but unfortunately for some reason the mic input on the onboard card is producing quite a bit of (white)noise and I can't figure out how to get rid of it..
It looks like the signal to noise ratio is very poor because I have to turn the gain and micboost all the way up to get a decent sound level..

My mate has the same Realtek chip on his Asus board and it's giving the exact same noise..
I've already tried all sorts of drivers from the Realtek and Asus website but it's not getting rid of the noise.

Any ideas on that?

Thank you for replying, appreciate it!
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