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I actually don't understand why Intel just couldn't offer a single chipset type that is capable of doing what Z68 chipset will be doing. The separation of the H67 and P67 is pointless and for *cough*profit*cough* when the P67 can actually use the IGP but it is castrated of that feature for no reason. LucidLogix is new to the market and it has a lot of kinks to iron out and I don't expect it to actually perform without some driver issues. The concept of hybrid to conserve power has been around for quite a while like Hybrid Crossfire between the onboard Radeon IGP and discrete Radeon IGP or the Nvidia Optimus. I don't see the point of actually mix and matching different GPU manufacturers while I can get a more trouble free method of using same cards in SLi or CF which has less drop in performance when it comes to scaling compared to LucidLogix.
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