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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Wi-Fuzzy View Post
I have 6 GTX 560s. .....from my the msi twin frozer oc @ 880 core. They overclock well and are quiet and the cooler keeps the temps down. All 4 of mine run 950/1900 core/shaders 24/7 and are quite happy doing so. Just my thoughts. These cards are good for about 15K PPD each on average in the real world. There are some rare old WUs that will get you 19K+ PPD but they do not happen much.

PS I have two gigabyte 560s that are clocked @ 900 from the factory. They do not overclock as well as the MSI cards. 920/1840 is the max stable 24/7 overclock for them.
Thanks! They are the MSI Twin Frozr's that I'm getting. Can't wait to play around with them. :)
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