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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Although SKY mentioned that it's NOT a gaming monitor, a lot of us are hurting for a good 16 x 10 gaming monitor...

Too bad the refresh is a little slow *I know it's not meant to be fast*...

SKY, can you tell us a little more about it's gaming performance? You mention no ghosting and 6ms is fast enough...I'm playing FPS-only....can I consider this? I'm coming from a Samsung T220....
I used MW2, Bioshock and a bit of AvP and noticed zero ghosting. Then again I have been using a 6ms NEC for over two years now and have never noticed any ghosting either. I can not guarantee you wont, but I doubt if you will.

Originally Posted by MrDiaz View Post
How do you think this stacks up vs the Dell U2410 SKY? I'm quite excited to see this offering from ASUS, hope to see more showings this year!
I'd take Asus over Dell. I say that as while Dell's are good, the problem is when they are good they are good...but when they are bad they are really bad. Dell's QC has gotten better, but it still is not IMHO tier 1 levels and their variance from panel to panel in a given line is not exactly awe inspiring (or at least not in a good way).

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
I really have no idea why people are so pushy for IPS panels. I mean I can understand it if your in a need to have good colors and such.. but really TN panels are not that bad.

This monitor has a lot of neat and interesting features but I think unless you need them most of them will go uneeded.
No comment. As the old saying goes YMMV. No product will be perfect for all people.
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