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Just remember the new Vertex 2's are... 30%(don't quote me i do not remember exact numbers) slower because of the smaller NM chips.

You can buy the 16 chip solution drives which solved the problem, i'm sure if no one noticed it OCZ wouldn't have done anything though... sigh so typical.

You could get a Crucial C300, they are as fast as every other drive out there. I got 2 sitting on my desk, can't use them yet due to 2 RMA parts... however i am sure they will be great.

Overall though it doesn't matter what you buy if you buy a performance drive. You can wait for Vertex 3 but it will be expensive and the other drives won't drop in price that much. Just pick the fastest and best you can today. The actually noticable difference between any of the drives will be negligable to you.

Here's a review i used, although i liked how the C300 performed so i bought that.

[M] SSD Roundup Fall 2010
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