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Ya, the waiting game is hard to guess. Prices do always go lower but sometimes it can take more than a month or two for any kind of worthwhile % drops. Especially in the SSD market at this stage. Eventually it will speed up but maybe not for a couple more years.

If you are correct that at 80GB+ any SSD of the same generation (same controller and other factors) will have the same performance since the parallelism is high enough, then maybe the 80GB at $160 is worth while since it doesn't appear to be the 25nm variety.

Then again it might be, but OCZ didn't apply the new naming scheme of 'E' before the "80G" like they do for the "E120G". If that's the case then I would qualify for OCZ to replace it with something that doesn't use 64Gb ICs.

One thing that sucks is that I found a thread at about the OCZ Vertex 2 80GB going on sale for $119 back in Feb. At so it was CAD price too. Makes me think that SSD prices went up recently.

I don't need this upgrade, I just want a treat with part of my income tax return :P
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