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Originally Posted by BootlegUsher View Post
Hey guys, I have been reading this thread but one thing that is going over my head is this talk of black blue and brown switches. What does colour have to do with noise?

Also, I was browsing NCIX for models of keyboards and Das Keyboard has a "silent" model. Does anyone know just how silent it really is?
The colour of a "cherry switch" just means what type of switch it is, each colour differing in some way in regard of force required, actuating point, auditory feedback, etc. For example, the Das Silent uses tactile mx cherry browns which don't make a clicking noise. The regular Das keyboard has cherry mx blue switches which are tactile AND have a clicking sound. Hence why one is called the "silent" version. Cherry MX "blue" and "brown" are probably the most common mechanical switches. Just keep in mind that a blue switch = click sound and tactile. Brown switch = tactile but no click sound.

Here is some good information:
Mechanical Keyboard Guide - -
Default:START HERE --> The Geekhack Mechanical Keyboard Guide - Includes Glossary and Links - geekhack forums

There are also other switches like ALPS, buckling and Topre; although these are less common.

It all comes down to preference, but most people like the blues more than the browns. If the people around you can live with the *click clack* of the cherry blues they are probably your best bet.

A good site to check out is the following: - Home
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