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Originally Posted by Shredder View Post
Lowfat,Rison, Deadthings and all folders
Great work you people are doing for f@h
I have read through the threads on this one, can you give me the readers digest version on VM Ubuntu Server running the big advantage? Is it worth the efforts or not? Ill just run this on the 980x if it is worth while.
I am trying the new client on the qx6700 with the 5970 and a regular smp and seeing some stability issues with the os, Ill take the overclock off and see if the error driven by the new client or not.
There is a problem running a VMware in your situation, and that is the fact that VMWare only supports max of 8 cores (and it's on a older version, the current version now only supports 4 cores).

So stay in windows or go native linux folding
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