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My System Specs


While not BSD, a few years ago I stuck Debian 2.2 (2.4.1 kernel) on my PowerBook 160(released 1992) for a little while.. 25MHz 68030, 10MB RAM, 320MB 2.5" SCSI HDD.

With linux it was incredibly useless, it took soooooo long to boot it was insane. Just whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. >_<
So then I put Mac OS back on and it was quite usable for period correct tasks.

Now, you are going to say, "Why did you expect an OS made eight years after the hardware to run decently?" and I am going to say "I did not, I was just curious, also note that I did not have a window manager installed and it was still bleh and half the thing's hardware was not actually supported :P"
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