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Alwayz entertaining to watch a company cut it's own throat.

While I'm not a creative user (cept for crappy 30$ pc speakers) (( I stopped buying creative soundcards many years ago...after the sb16 , crap then , crap now , but we digress....)) , When I saw the shenanigans going on I had to read.

I actually caught the creative forums post right at the 8 or 9.

I laughed the whole time......I quit reading after 40 pages or's all the same right through to page 240 something or whatever.

Good riddance to bad garbage I say.

Creative's products have never been good ,and the marketplace will be better off with creative gone.


On a side note ; I have a couple friends who run xi-fi's.....they say the drivers made by Daniel_k are very good.I recommend you get em.
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