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My System Specs


Originally Posted by NOIZE View Post
Yeah now I can't even check now because my computer won't even boot. It started giving me one long beep then 2 short ones and now I get just one long beep. What does the beeping mean?
Can't know for sure since you have an Acer/Gateway computer. Consult your manual.

However the beep codes you described usually mean 2 of 3 things, video card did not post, motherboard error, or insufficient power.

BTW dxdiag is annoying and I doubt anybody here even bothered to read the whole thing. (myself included)

But away from my rant, you probably had 2 issues and the current one is likely due to your 5830.

When you installed the card, did you plug in both 6 pin power connectors directly to the video card? If so, did you use the power adapters included with the card? I see that you have the lower tier i5 version of your computer, which likely comes with a 300W power supply. There is a small chance you fried your power supply with the 5830. If possible open up your side panel and get some serial numbers/pictures of the power supply. If you're confident, you can try testing the PSU by hotwiring it or using it in another system.

You should also swap video cards to see if you can get a POST.
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