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Question Help diagnosing hardware problem

Lately I've been losing display and I am unable to get it back without restarting (the fans are still spinning though) whenever I play games watch videos or even if I let the computer go to the screensaver, the weird thing is it boots with windows aero fine but games, videos and the screensaver cause the display to go out within minutes. I thought it may be a driver problem since I had recently upgraded to catalyst 11.2 so I tried uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling with no luck then I tried rolling back to 10.1 I think it was and did the same still with no luck. Now I tried 11.3 same thing.

So then I figured it was probably my GPU was dieing so I ordered a new one and got a xfx 5830 on sale from NCIX. But today I found that it also happens within a minute or so when I play music and then the display cuts out and then after about 15 seconds the music cuts out too, I also tried booting into safe mode and after a few minutes the display cut out which I find extremely weird because it never does that when I do a normal boot as long as I don't run any games.

Now I'm a bit nervous because of it cutting out while playing music because I have integrated sound so I'm thinking this might mean the motherboard was the problem. I don't have much experience with computer hardware stuff so maybe you guys can give me some advice but right now I fear the worst I can replace a GPU easy, but a motherboard yikes I don't like the thought...could it be the PSU? That would be preferable lol cause I have to upgrade that to use the new gpu anyway.
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