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Originally Posted by Nevakonaza View Post
Hi thanks for replying. :)

Just ran 3D Mark Vantage and no problems whatsoever showing.

The reason i got concearned it because Battlefield Bad company 2 keeps crashing and the sound loops,which results in my having to hard restart my pc.....but it seems ALOT of people have this same issue reguardless of setups so it must just be BC2 been buggy.

i was playing Aliens Vs Predator yesturday and that was fine also so.....
Actually this might sound like an odd question, but are you using an onboard realtek sound chip? realtek has some serious issues with the frostbite engine that goes from causing lag/artifacts to outright locking up ur system in a soundloop forcing a hard boot!

BFBC2 is one of my favorite games and plugging an old usb sound card i had lying around makes a night and day difference in this game, as a matter of fact without it comp would always freeze after 10-20minutes.

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