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Honestly, you really are getting close to the point where water is the way to go....hell you probably are at that point. ;)

IF you want to go for insane OC on air...get the D14. Its simply the best when you stick 3 fans on it. You already got two killer good fans with the GT, find a third CM S4 fan and laugh all the way to insane OCs. If you cant find another S4, drop a R4 on it as the third fan.

With that being said...If you want the absolute most, from your CPU you really are going to have to go to water. Go with an external rad setup...get a 3 (or 4) bay rad + a good water block and decent pump and laugh all the way to even HIGHER OCs with lower temps. As a bonus the heat will already be outside your case. :)

YMMV but thats what I would do.
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